Understand More About

Confinement Nanny For Twins

Scope: Caring For 2 Babies

More experienced Confinement Nanny is required to take care of the 2 babies and their mother.

Understand More About

Confinement Nanny For Twins

Scope: Caring For 2 Babies & Mummy

More experienced Confinement Nanny is required to take care of the 2 babies and their mother.

Planning To Hire A Confinement Nanny For Twins?

Confinement Baby Boy

A Confinement Nanny for Twins is a lady who helps out families with twins during the postpartum or postnatal period. Confinement Nannies’ priorities are the Babies and Mummy, providing round-the-clock baby care and also helping the mummy to recover faster and better.  The most common arrangement for Confinement Nanny for Twins is a Stay-in one for 28 days, where the Confinement Nanny will stay at the client’s residence. Some families may also opt for 14 days, 21 days or 58 days of confinement service as well.

Responsibilities Of Confinement Nanny For Twins

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    24/7 Baby Care

    A Confinement Nanny will act as the main caregiver for your twins, providing round-the-clock 24/7 care for your little ones. She will help out with day and night feeding, bathing the baby, changing diapers, and putting your baby to sleep. She will also engage your babies by reading or singing to him or her, to stimulate your baby’s senses. 

    For most parents, daily night feeds are the most physically taxing. Thus, when a Confinement Nanny is able to help with that, this can significantly help to enhance parents’ quality of sleep. 

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    Confinement Meals

    A Confinement Nanny will be in charge of the family’s daily meals, where cooking will be done for the mummy and daddy at no additional costs. 

    After delivery, the mother needs a high amount of nutrients from food to have a faster and better recovery. The nanny will prepare highly nutritious and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the service period. 

    Vs Confinement Meals from dedicated caterers, a Confinement Nanny will be able to customize the menu for you. She can utilize your favourite ingredients and avoid any that you do not eat, making meal times a happy experience for you all the time.

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    Confinement Herbal Tonics

    Besides Confinement Meals, a Confinement Nanny will also brew Confinement herbal tonics for the mummy daily. Confinement Herbal Tonics are very nourishing, and can help the mummy to improve blood flow, increase “qi” and boost overall healing.

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    Confinement Herbal Bath

    Confinement Nannies will also prepare Herbal Bath for mummies everyday. Mummies are recommended to make use of Herbal Bath for their daily hygiene routine. Confinement Herbal Baths can help to dispel wind, stimulate blood circulation, prevent “wind-related” pain such as “wind-dampness syndrome”. 

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    Basic Domestic Chores

    A clean home is conducive for confinement and is better for a newborn, whose immunity is lower. A Confinement Nanny can help to clean and organize your home, by helping out with the laundry and basic household chores. 

    For Laundry, the nanny will wash, fold and keep mummy’s and babies’ laundry. Babies’ laundry can be handwashed if required. For other housework, the nanny will sweep and mop the floor up to 2 times a week, in addition to cleaning the kitchen on a daily basis. The nanny will also clean the baby’s room. 

    As Confinement Nanny for Twins tend to be very busy, it is preferred that household chores can be completed by a domestic helper instead. 

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    Breastfeeding & Baby Care Guidance

    Confinement Nannies are often mothers, or even grandmothers themselves, hence they have also went through the process of raising a child. In addition, they have also went through vigorous training prior to qualifying as a Confinement Nanny. 

*Do take note: Confinement Nanny For Twins Price is higher as a surcharge applies. This to compensate the Confinement Nanny for the heavier workload. Furthermore, the supply of Twins Confinement Nanny is also lower.

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