Benefits of engaging a Confinement Agency

Confinement Nanny Agency Singapore

Welcoming a newborn into your life is a heartwarming and exciting experience. However, it can also be very challenging and overwhelming, especially in the first few months. This stems from the physical and emotional change, in addition to the tenuous baby care requirements. For instance, a newborn has to be fed every 2-3 hours, in addition to frequent diaper changes. This is why many parents are now opting to engage the help of Confinement Nannies in Singapore. There are 2 options to engage a Confinement Nanny in Singapore, either hiring a Freelancer or going through a Confinement Nanny agency. Read on to learn more about the Benefits of engaging a Confinement Nanny Agency.


[1] Quality Assurance in Professionalism and Expertise

Confinement Nannies from an Confinement Agency go through stringent training processes and tests. They are trained in modern and latest postpartum care practices, to ensure the best service is provided to all families. The training scope is also diverse, including newborn care, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and more. 

Beyond being professionally trained on baby care, Confinement Nannies are also trained with the required knowledge for other confinement practices. This includes preparation of herbal tonics, herbal baths and confinement meals for the mother on a daily basis. In addition, the Confinement Nanny will impart valuable knowledge from experience and training to you. Parents can then make use of these tips to handle baby care more effectively after the nanny leaves. 


[2] Medically Fit

Annual health check-ups are required for Confinement Nannies from a Confinement Nanny Agency. This ensures that the Confinement Nannies are fit enough to deliver a good experience to their clients, while providing additional peace of mind and assurance.


[3] Ease of Paperwork Processing

Parents may be clueless about the processing of engaging a Confinement Nanny, especially if they plan to hire a freelance nanny. Confinement Nanny agencies are able to make this process more seamless and fuss-free, as most administrative work will be handled by the agency. 

Paperwork processing includes work permit applications and applying for nanny insurance.  In addition, when clients choose an agency-based Confinement Nanny, they can be rest assured that they are protected in the event of an unforeseen event, such as any medical emergencies. This helps to relieve parents of immense stress. 


[4] Guaranteed Arrival and Availability of Replacements

When you engage a Confinement Nanny agency, there is a guaranteed arrival of a nanny. There will not be last minute cancellations which may be nerve-wrecking for parents. The Confinement Nanny will be ready to start the service when the mother is discharged from the hospital. Leverage on the wide network of Confinement Nannies that agencies have to ensure there is always someone suitable and available for you. 

Confinement Agencies will also be able to ensure your maximum satisfaction. There will be an extensive nanny matching process to ensure a good fit is selected. This is in terms of language requirements, availability, skill sets and more. Every family has unique needs, and thus a nanny has to be carefully chosen for the best experience.

 Also, free replacements are usually included in the service. This is a useful safety net for most parents as they know they do not have to stick to a Confinement Nanny they are not satisfied with. This also helps to minimize disruptions to the mummy’s postnatal journey. 


[5] Dedicated Customer Support Team

Be supported by the Customer Service Team of the Confinement Nanny agency, for any big or small questions you have. You always have someone to rely on for anything you are unclear on. Versus securing a freelance nanny, there is no system of support. 

When the client is in the hospital for delivery, he/she simply has to drop a message to the Agency, and they will do the rest to ensure there is a nanny ready on the discharge date. Mummies can then relax and focus on the delivery. 


[6] Competitive Pricing and Safekeeping of Deposit

Confinement Nanny prices from agencies are usually competitive and fair, as compared to engaging a freelancer where there is no limit to their prices. In addition, when you are making a booking, your deposit is safely retained with the agency. As compared to engaging a freelance Confinement Nanny, there is no guarantee that they will commit to the job or refund you the deposit, should they be unable to do the assignment. 

Additionally, Confinement Nanny agencies provide other value-added benefits, making the overall package more worth it. 



The benefits of engaging a nanny through a Confinement Nanny agency are many. 

Here at Confinement Mama, we pride ourselves on quality Confinement Nannies, transparent and fair pricing, and most importantly, our excellent Customer Service. 

These are some reasons why many of our clients chose us to be part of their journey:

  1. Unrivalled customer service – we strive to respond to you asap, even during non-working hours/days! 
  2. Early nanny preview – we understand how nerve-wrecking it is to welcome a stranger to your home. Therefore, we offer an early preview of your assigned nanny upon deposit payment, and we can even provide a short video introduction if required. 
  3. Quality nannies – Our nannies are highly experienced at what they do, and we choose to work with nannies that are fundamentally warm and genuinely caring. We want our clients to have a peace of mind when engaging our Confinement Nannies.


Speak with Confinement Mama to find out more, or check out our Confinement Nanny Price here.