Things to communicate with Confinement Nanny

There are many things to communicate with your Confinement Nanny. It can be daunting to have a stranger in your home, taking care of your little one. It is critical to communicate effectively with your Confinement Nanny to ensure the best experience for yourself and your nanny. See below for some key topics you might want to cover with your Confinement Nanny, right from the first day:

  • Daily Schedule:
    • Discuss and agree upon a daily routine that includes feeding times, naps, and other activities for the baby
    • Ensure Confinement Nanny receives her designated nap time in the day of 1-2 hours, as the Nanny will be in charge of night feeds 
  • Feeding Preferences:
    • Clearly communicate your preferences for breastfeeding or formula feeding
    • Share any specific instructions regarding the preparation of formula or breast milk
  • Baby’s Health:
    • Keep the nanny informed about any health concerns or conditions the baby may have e.g. jaundice, etc
  • Mother’s Well-being:
    • Share any specific postpartum recovery instructions or dietary restrictions e.g. Halal Meals, No Beef, etc
    • Communicate openly about your emotional and physical well-being, so the nanny can provide appropriate support
  • Household Rules:
    • Discuss any specific rules or expectations you have regarding household chores and cleanliness – generally, a Confinement Nanny will handle basic household chores up to 2x a week
  • Cultural Practices:
    • If there are specific cultural practices or traditions you want to observe during the confinement period, communicate them to the nanny
  • Communication Channels:
    • Establish preferred communication channels or a tracker for baby’s activities, whether its through a notebook, a messaging app, or regular verbal updates
  • Boundaries and Expectations:
    • Clearly communicate any personal boundaries or expectations you may have e.g. Do not enter the Master Bedroom

Remember that clear and open communication is key to a successful and positive experience for both you and the confinement nanny. 

Regular check-ins and adjustments to the plan as needed can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable confinement period.

Lastly, if you are require any intervention in communicating with your nanny, always reach out to your Agency for assistance.