Choosing a Confinement Nanny Agency in Singapore

Things To Consider When Choosing A Confinement Agency (Blog)

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Confinement Nanny Agency Singapore. Welcoming a newborn can be extremely overwhelming, even if you have done it before! With the arrival of every little one, this typically means major changes to the parents’ lives – financially, socially, physically and emotionally. This is why many families are opting for external help, via Confinement Nannies now. In addition, there are many Confinement Nanny Agency Singapore to choose from. 

A Confinement Nanny will be a strong aid to partner you through the challenging adjustment process during the confinement period. This applies to both the mummies and daddies, and even to the big brothers and sisters welcoming their new siblings. 

There are many options of engaging a Confinement Nanny, either through an agency or engaging a freelancer directly. There are also many agencies in the market, and you may find yourself confused.

We are here to help! Do consider these points when you are on the search for a Confinement Nanny:

  • Engage a Freelancer, or via an Agency?
    • If you know of a freelancer you can trust (or via friends and families’ recommendations), you may be more inclined to go with a freelancer
    • Make sure that the nanny you choose is sufficiently experienced for your needs and has been through the necessary trainings to care for you and your baby adequately 
    • It is also useful to get a sense of the nanny’s temperament and character, to see if she will fit nicely into your family dynamics
    • Many families these days prefer to engage an agency to appoint a Confinement Nanny instead, as there are more structured vetting, training and allocation processes in place
    • Confinement Nannies part of agencies are more likely to have higher quality standards and are trained with updated knowledge and techniques on baby and mother care
    • Also, agencies will be able to offload a lot of the administrative work behind engaging a nanny, to provide parents with a fuss-free engagement, with guaranteed arrival of a Confinement Nanny
  • Is the Agency legally licensed?
    • Ensure that the agency is MOM-licensed, as it is otherwise illegal to utilise their service
  • Can the Agency provide nannies that suit your needs?
    • Every family has their own unique needs. For example, do you require your Confinement Nanny to speak certain languages (e.g. English, Malay), or abide to certain types of dietary requirements?
    • Do ensure your appointed agency selects the perfect match for you
    • Communicate openly with your agency, so a suitable nanny can be duly assigned
    • It is also helpful to be aware of the general duties of Confinement Nannies, where mother and baby care is their utmost priority
  • How do you feel about your interaction with the Agency?
    • Many agencies in the market offer a relatively standardised offering, how should you then choose which one to engage? 
    • Of course, families and friends’ testimonials would be a key consideration point
    • However, it is important for you to go with who you are the most comfortable with.
      • Is the agency responsive?
      • Is the agency attentive to your needs? 
      • Can I trust the agency to provide excellent customer service at all times?

Choosing the right partner on your Confinement Journey is important to deliver a stress-free postpartum care experience. Consider the following things when you are choosing a Confinement Agency

Here at Confinement Mama, we pride ourselves on quality Confinement Nannies, transparent and fair pricing, and most importantly, our excellent Customer Service. 

These are some reasons why many of our clients chose us to be part of their journey:

  • Unrivalled customer service – we strive to respond to you asap, even during non-working hours/days! 
  • Early nanny preview – we understand how nerve-wrecking it is to welcome a stranger to your home. Therefore, we offer an early preview of your assigned nanny upon deposit payment.
  • Quality nannies – Our nannies are highly experienced at what they do. We want our clients to have a peace of mind when engaging our Confinement Nannies.