Choosing a suitable Confinement Nanny in Singapore

Choosing A Suitable Confinement Nanny (Blog)

Choosing a suitable Confinement Nanny Singapore is important to ensure your experience is good. What are the type of factors to consider to ensure the allocated Confinement Nanny will fit nicely into any household and lifestyle? Communicate these pointers to the agency to help them do a best match to you, in selecting a Confinement Nanny Singapore:

  1. Part-time or Full-time
    1. A part-time nanny is a stay-out nanny, where she might only work from 9am to 6pm and leave afterwards
    2. A full-time nanny is a stay-in nanny, where she will stay in your house and be there 24/7 for you
    3. It is important to have a discussion with your partner on which is the better option for your unique family
    4. Usually, families may choose to opt for a part-time nanny if…
      1. They have other help at home, e.g. from parents or in-laws
      2. They have “shift work” between the daddy and mummy
      3. They are purchasing confinement meals / tonics separately, where preparation is outsourced
    5. Families tend to go for full-time nannies if…
      1. They require help in babycare, confinement meals and tonics preparation
      2. Daddy will be returning to work shortly, after paternity leave
      3. Limited help from other family members
    6. Some may feel uncomfortable with having a stranger in their home 24/7, which is why they are considering a part-time nanny
    7. With every new change, it requires an open heart and mind to adapt to the new situation
  2. Desired Age / Experience
    1. Do you prefer a younger or older Confinement Nanny? 
    2. Younger Confinement Nannies tend to be more physically agile, and can potentially connect with you more due to the smaller age gap. 
    3. Older Confinement Nannies tend to be more experienced and motherly, and will tend to fit in nicely with families that are residing together with their parents or in laws
    4. In addition, there is no right or wrong selection for either a Younger or Older Confinement Nanny – it all boils down to your comfort and preferences! 
  3. Language 
    1. Do you require your Confinement Nanny to speak English, or other languages?
    2. Do not hesitate to alert your agency on any language preferernces, as most Confinement Nannies are only well-versed in other Mandarin and selected dialects
  4. Any Special Requirements
    1. Do you have pets at home? Your agency should appoint a Confinement Nanny who is comfortable with pets
    2. Do you require any special dietary requirements? For instance, do you need vegetarian, halal, vegan meals, or do you prefer western tastes? You can select a nanny who is well-versed in what you like. 

With all these consideration in mind, choosing a suitable confinement nanny becomes an easy task.