Preparing for the Arrival of Confinement Nannies

Preparing For The Arrival Of Confinement Nanny (Blog)

Preparing for the Arrival of Confinement Nannies is important. Now that you have made arrangements for Confinement Nannies, what are the next steps to prepare for her arrival, alongside with the arrival of your little one?

Ensuring you have all you need for your Newborn

Since one of your Confinement Nanny’s core role will be to take care of your Newborn, do ensure that you have all the necessary items easily accessible, prior to the Confinement Nanny’s arrival

  1. Feeding bottles – Have minimum 5 sets on hand so cleaning can be done in batches instead
  2. Cleaning equipment/products e.g. Sterilizer, Bottle Brush, Bottle Cleanser, Baby Laundry Detergent, Bathtub/Pails, etc
  3. Bath and Hygiene products e.g. Baby Shampoo/Shower Gel, Lotion, Body Oil, Tooth Wipes, Nasal Spray, Nail Clipper, etc
  4. Clothes e.g. Daytime/Nighttime outfits, Mittens, Socks, Handkerchiefs, etc
  5. Diaper Change essentials e.g. Diapers, Diaper Cream, Wet Wipes, Changing Mat, etc
  6. Bedding Items e.g. Cot, Mattress, Bedsheets, Pillow, etc
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Prepping living space for your Confinement Nanny

  1. Ensure that your Confinement Nanny has a suitable rest set-up which is close to your baby e.g. Mattress, Single Bed, etc
  2. Allocate some space for your Confinement Nanny to place her personal belongings e.g. Clothes, Toiletries, etc

Ensuring readiness of your Kitchen for Confinement Meals/Tonic/Herbs preparation

  1. Check if you have the required kitchenware to handle confinement cooking. For example, Wok, Frying Pan, Pressure cooker, Kettle/Thermal Flasks for Red Dates Tea etc. 
  2. If you already have preferences for your confinement meals, you can buy the items in advance if it is not that perishable. For example, Sesame oil, Rice wine, Dried scallops, etc. If not, fret not, you can also prepare these together with your Confinement Nanny when she arrives

You can also consider what are the key points to be communicated on Day 1, now that you are duly prepared for the arrival of your Confinement Nanny,

Preparing for the Arrival of Confinement Nanny is not that hard!  Remember, it takes a village to raise a kid, so do not be afraid to ask for help.