Why You Should Use Herbal Bath during Confinement

Taking Care of your Hygiene during Confinement (blog)

Taking care of your hygiene during Confinement is critical, as you will be in close contact with your newborn. In traditional Chinese confinement customs, mothers are generally advised not to bathe or wash their hair in the first month. This to prevent the mother from catching a cold and suffering from headache and rheumatism later on in life. However, in modern day, there are Herbal Bath to be used during Confinement. 


There is actually no scientific backing to not bathing during Confinement. The origins of this practice came from ancient China, where women had to physically travel to attain water to bathe. Reflecting on the modern day situation, this practice has become even more irrelevant for most families. In addition, in a tropical climate like Singapore, it is necessary to maintain personal hygiene especially when handling a newborn. 


There are still some best practices for mothers to adopt to prevent future ailments, while taking good care of her hygiene, that are much easier to follow:


[1] Make use of Confinement Herbal Bath

  • A Chinese Confinement Herbal Bath is an effective aid to help with healing and recovery during the postpartum period
  • The specially curated mix of herbs can provide a wide range of health benefits, such as accelerating body recovery, enhancing the immune system, detoxifying the body, relieving pain and more
  • Confinement Herbal Bath can also help to dispel wind and help the mother relax more and stress less
  • It is extremely easy to integrate this into a mother’s shower routine, simply take the pre-packed sachet and boil it in hot water (minimum 15 minutes, or up to 30 minutes)
  • Afterwards, add it in a pail of warm water for suitable dilution, and it is ready for use


[2] Bathe with warm water

  • Warm water can bring about greater relaxation for mothers and also helps to prevent catching a cold 


[3] Dry your hair fully and immediately after a shower

  • Right after jumping out of the shower, mothers are advised to use a hairdryer to dry their hair immediately and fully
  • This can help to prevent catching a cold and suffering from rheumatism in the future


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