Benefits of Consuming Confinement Herbs

Benefits of consuming confinement herbs (blog)

There are numerous benefits to consuming Confinement Herbs. Pregnancy is an amazing journey, where a mother grows a baby within her over the 9 months. This transformation does not come easy – after a mother gives birth, her body will “take a hit”. A mother loses blood and “qi” after delivery, and may become weaker than pre-birth. Therefore, it is critical for the mother to rest and eat well during the Confinement Period to nurse her body back to health, so that future health problems are prevented. 


Confinement Herbs can help mothers regain the vitality of their body and immune system, to replenish the “Qi”. Read below to understand the core functions of consuming it:


[1] Improve blood circulation

    1. Certain herbs can improve overall blood circulation, to remove blood clots post-birth
    2. This is important because of the large volume of blood lost during childbirth
    3. Even after delivery, a mother’s uterus will continue to discharge blood, mucus and tissue over some time
    4. Thus, it is crucial to boost blood volume and enhance circulation 

[2] Dispel wind

    1. After childbirth, mothers are at a higher risk of catching “wind” in their bodies and may potentially suffer from related ailments in the future, such as “feng shi”
    2. Herbs can help to expel wind from the body, in addition to boosting a mother’s overall health

[3] Enhance milk production

    1. Based on TCM, some of the mother’s blood will be converted into breast milk for the baby once delivered
    2. There are certain herbs that can support and enhance milk production, such as Dangshen, Jiegeng, Tongcao, Loulu and more

[4] Accelerate wound healing

    1. After childbirth, the mother may experience vaginal tears, blood clots, and other wounds sustained while giving birth, which can be uncomfortable for the mother
    2. Certain herbs have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic elements to boost wound recovery, to reduce pain

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