Postpartum Self-care after Childbirth

Adjusting to your new life after a baby

Adjusting to your new life after a baby can be challenging. You have spent months and months waiting for your baby to arrive on this earth, and alas! Now that your precious little one is here, you may experience huge changes to your life – physically, mentally, and socially. This is why postpartum self-care is crucial. Often times, the focus is placed on your little one. However, it is so important for you to also care about your own well-being. When you feel great, you can also be the best version of yourself to your baby. Here are some postpartum self-care tips on how to adjust to your wonderful (though hectic) new life.


[1] Set time for self-care 

Try to carve out an hour per day to do things you love. Whether it is watching a drama, reading a book, or indulging yourself in beauty care, finding yourself in this new life is critical. Relaxation can help to provide a healthy break from the hustle and bustle from handling a baby.

Confinement Nannies are able to help out with majority of the baby care, so mummies have more flexibility to rest and do more self-care. For instance, many mummies enjoy at-home postnatal massages, while the baby is in the care of the Confinement Nanny. 


[2] Make time to hang out with your friends and family 

It is important to rely on your village to raise your child. Lend on the support of your close ones for a much needed physical and mental break at times.

Though the mode of hangout with your friends may be different or shorter, time spent together will still be high valuable and regenerative to you. 

Invite your close friends or family to come over and see your little one – the Confinement Nanny can help to tend to the baby when it’s required and you can have more time to connect with your loved ones.


[3] Be patient and believe in the process 

The starting point is always the hardest, but things will always get easier as you get better. Your body may not look the same way as it did before, but it has been the safe haven for your baby for 9 months, and that is an incredible feat. 

Be patient with yourself, be open to your new life, ask for help when you need it, and you will soon handle your new life like a pro. 

Raising a little one is an enriching journey, hang in there! Adjusting to your new life after a baby is an enriching process.

For first time mummies, Confinement Nannies can provide valuable experienced advice to help you better care for your newborn. You will be able to observe how the nanny takes care of the baby and learn from her. In addition, our Confinement Nannies tend to be motherly and warm figures, so they can be a great companion to you. 


It is also helpful to take Confinement Herbs during this adjustment period, to help with your physical recovery. Read here to find out more.